A Great Story Never Told

M Men have been worrying about lasting longer in bed for thousands of years. There are several ways to accomplish this. One method is not at all workable. The other solution is so easy you won’t believe the answer.

1st Tip.

If you have to rely on sexual intercourse for long love making bouts, then eventually age will come up on you and you won’t win! On, the other hand, if you use your fingers, mouth, lips, and then your penis – a man can outlast any woman.

The other key is to utilize all the types of orgasms that a woman has. If you’re only focusing on the clitoris, for example, then you will fail.

2nd Tip.

Start at the mouth and go south! Actually, start at the woman's brain and go south. The brain is the biggest sex organ of the human body. Jack Sparrow

Women are particularly good at imagination and fantasies. Why not utilize their imagination and get them to be your guide for orgasms?

Find out her unfulfilled sexual fantasies and ask her what turns her on about that particular fantasy. Then, focus on bringing that fantasy to fruition.

You can develop your own sex games based upon her fantasies. For example, if she always wanted to make love in a movie theatre you can make that your location.

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3rd Tip.

Once you get her imagination going and do your best to satisfy it, then you should plan to give her as many orgasms as you can.

Sex Game Fantasy

She can have a no-touch orgasm by just rehearsing what you will do for her. Make it REAL and make it NOW! The better you get at mentally making her fantasies into realistic sex games, the better you will be in bed.

Then, start down to her breasts and ask her how you can give her an orgasm there. She might not know but again she might. Again, rehearsing her past great events will be a turn on.

You need to tease, lick, touch, pull, and then suck her nipples to bring this climax about. The more suction and speed she can take, the better your chance of giving her this type of climax.

Then, when she is finished go down to her clitoris. Then to her g-spot.

4th Tip.

Going from her head to her toes is a full cycle. Use different cycles and different combinations. Since there are 7 types of female orgasms and over 800,000 combinations of orgasms, you can certainly give her tons of fun without having to repeat anything. Find Adult Games Here. (18+)

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