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H Have you been dating this guy for quite some time? Is he starting to drop signs that he wants to get intimate with you? Do you feel like wanting to give in to want he wants? Dating rules don’t work the same with everyone. You really have to assess the situation yourself and think about it. While there aren’t any universal laws on dating, there are some tips to help you figure out how much time to give yourselves before getting having sex.

Masturbate before sex

First, you have to ask yourself if you really want to move up to a sexual relationship with your partner. Some of the things you have to consider to determine how long you should wait before sex are: how well you know your partner, you and your partner’s readiness for sex and your vision of the relationship.

While sex can deepen your sense of fulfillment and intimacy with your partner, it can also create a false sense of intimacy if have sex too early in the relationship. Take time to discover how you really feel about each other.

If one wants to jump into bed while the other is hesitant, this only means that both of you are not on the same emotional level about having sex. Make love not because you are pressured or obliged, but when you are ready and willing. Emotional wholeness is essential to the deciding whether or not to have sex.

Understand your intentions. Be honest with yourself about what you want and how you think about the relationship. If you just want sex for pleasure and you don’t see yourself getting serious with him, be honest with your partner.

When thinking about how long to wait before getting to bed with your partner, also think about the consequences. Ask yourself this question: “Would he still give me the same respect the morning after?” Think about it. If you’re afraid he’ll treat you differently after you’ve had sex with him, then maybe it’s just not the right time. Find More 18+ Series.

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