Female Sex Secrets
Female Sex Secrets

M Most of the things about woman are not well known to men when it comes to activities in bedroom. This is because not all women will be so open to share their feelings with their male partners. Not all women have the same sex drive and this would vary from one woman to other woman but still there are certain things in sex that are female sex secrets.

It is highly recommended to encourage your female partner to talk about her wants so as to have a better sex life and this is proven scientifically too. Here are some of the tips that you can use to have a good sex life with your partner.

Woman love period sex

This is a general truth about woman but still there are some rules in this act. Partners in sex need to be clean and showered before this act of sex. A woman is bound to have a temporary vaginal dryness especially if your woman uses tampons. There are chances that you might experience a bit uncomfortable friction if she has used tampons just before sex. In such cases a lube would be more helpful.

Senior Citizens Sex Life

Though woman warm up quite quickly for sex, a dry sex could be painful to her and it is not advisable to straightly drive into her in such circumstances. In such cases, a period sex has more advantages derived from the hormones but there are some obstacles in this as well. Don’t ever drive straight into that of your woman until and unless you have some kind of vampire desires or fantasies as she is sure to knock you out of the way.

Woman never like never ending sex

There is no meaning in driving a never ending session. No woman would ever love such kind of love making session. A man should not feel great of a longer holding capability. There are love machines, but they are also made of rubber and plastic. But humans are not machines and that’s exactly a woman wants from you. Having an orgasm is always loved by a woman, but having two is sure a bonus for you. This of course does not require lengthy efforts to achieve an orgasm. Every woman has a limit and it should be understood from her feelings. Let her relax in your arms and then enjoy the smell of her hair as she relaxes. She will make you know if she wants more.

Woman don’t love fingering at times

Men should understand the structure of a vagina so that they can derive the maximum pleasure out of it and also induce considerable influence of sex on the woman. A vaginal entrance has more number of nerve endings that any region deep into it. Make use of this knowledge for a lovely sex session. The main objective is to drive her crazy, which requires sticking to these zones. Never move away from these zones, which form the outside regions of vagina, just inside of it and of course the G-spot. One should not be harsh in this activity. It demands gentleness. A woman would show her wish for a deeper penetration by pushing herself onto you. It could be uncomfortable for her to have a hand or half of it jamming her entrance point. It is always better to ask her if she requires more fingers. It is advisable to have clean fingers that have trimmed fingernails.

Explore new things

Woman love exploring newer things and would never intimate the same to their partners of sex. There are certain things that women are afraid of and those may include anal sex, anal fingering, bondage, fisting, sex in the outdoors and also role playing. There is nothing so difficult or hardcore associated with these activities. Every normal man and woman does this and get lovely results out of it. To make things easier, you may swap out a sexual to do list with her and understand what she would love to try. Make this a mutual activity and you would sure to come out with newer ideas in having sex and enhance your sexual life with your partner.

Women are horny in the morning

Generally morning times or those times when it is important to wake up can be good periods for having a lovely and memorable sex with your woman. Just try to push your erected sex organ between her thighs such that it brushes her vaginal lips. Now just keep rubbing her lovely vaginal lips with your erected organ and you would see that within short periods of time she would open it up and let you in. this is to make her aroused from a refreshing sound sleep before 8 am in the morning. Even having a oral sex can work out better, but it is highly enjoyable with a thigh trick as explained before. A woman would feel so good to have her man inside her just after a good sleep. This activity of a morning sex needs to be done only if your partner of sex is keen in doing so as not all would love to have it. There are some tips that can be effectively used to encourage your female partner in having morning sex with you.

Every woman is different and so are her likes and dislikes and also her ideas of having sex with her partner. It is important to understand these ideas from her through ways of playing games with her like those of board games that have the ability to put out these ideas from one’s mind. More Hot Stuffs (18+)

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