How to Seduce a Woman Using Sex Games and Give a Woman an Orgasm (G-Spot Orgasm Secrets)

O One of my friends, Audrey, told me one of the seductive true sex game stories I’d ever heard. She told me that she got the best orgasms of her life during this role playing. After hearing the story I can understand why. She had met this guy online and seemed to click with immediate big chemistry. It seemed that they both liked the same things, sexually-speaking. Here’s four tips to help you with your sexual seduction.

Tip #1. Communication (including fantasies) is a great need for women. Fulfill this need and you’ll get the chance to fulfill her other needs.

Soon, they were talking on the phone. He was an experienced lover and realized that you needed to get to a girl’s head to get to her body. Thus, he asked her what type of fantasies she’d always wanted. They started talking and explored fantasies. One fantasy seemed to stand out above all the rest.

They planned to meet and his first touch would be a kiss to her clitoris! No hugs, no kissing, and no foreplay. It would be naughty!

Audrey told me that the expectation alone gave her many orgasms. She had never been so horny in her whole life.

On the appointed day he showed up at her door. She came to the door and smiled at him. Normally, he would give his date a big hug and they would start out kissing. Today, he would skip that.

Tip #2. It ain’t bragging if you can do it. Back up your words with action. If you talk the talk, make sure you walk the walk. Too many guys don’t back up their words.

The guy was very nervous when he went inside. He had made a lot of comments on how he would give her tons of orgasms. Now was the time he had to back it up!

As soon as he got inside, and the door was closed, he knelt before her and lifted up her short skirt. He then put his thumbs inside her panties and slowly drew them down.

Tip #3. Tease her and then please her.

He looked up and saw a neatly trimmed patch and a lovely feast. He drew himself up and slowly licked her clitoris!

She shuddered and almost came right then because of the expectation and sudden touch. He continued to lick the end of her clit expertly. She was moaning and her legs were quivering, and he had to grab her buttocks to hold her up (it also helped him better bury his face inside her).

Talking Dirty Before Sex

Soon, she was quivering, extremely wet, and convulsing with wild orgasms. As her legs started to buckle he curled his tongue to a point and slowly drove it into her.

She grabbed his tongue with her inner muscles and gave it a squeeze. She slowly milked his tongue and he relentlessly drove it inside her.

Within a few minutes she had collapsed on his face and he finished her off!

Tip #4. Use Good Technical Skills To Make Sure She Has Great Orgasms.

She then slid her fingers into his shorts and tried to draw him out. He was so swollen, thick, and hard that she couldn’t do it. He had to draw his shorts down and help her.

She wanted to have sex on the stairs but he convinced her it would be better on the bed because she’d always wanted a good g-spot orgasm. So, he picked her up and carried her to the second floor bedroom.

He placed her at the foot of the bed, and placed a pillow under her hips. Then, he teased himself at her opening, and slowly slid inside.

She was so hot and tight that she fairly scalded him as he slid deep inside her. It was so hot.

He stood at the foot of her bed and, with the elevation from the pillow under her hips, was able to hit her g-spot squarely. She told him not to move an inch but just stroke at that angle. He did for two straight hours.

They fell to the bed in exhaustion. Tired, but very happy.

Use these four tips to seduce and satisfy your woman. Imagine all the combinations you can use! Here you can Find More.(18+)

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