Sex For Seniors – Challenges And Rewards
Sex For Seniors – Challenges And Rewards

A What are some of the challenges that senior men and women face with regards to sex?

What can seniors do so that they and their partners can still have an active and satisfying sex life as they grow older?

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For many senior men and women, although sex isn’t as regular or intense as it was in their younger days, nonetheless, they can still find sex with their partners to be very satisfying. It is a common myth that as one gets older, sexual interest is no longer there. In fact many seniors can and do continue to enjoy having sex right into their late 70s and well beyond. Having an active and healthy sex life is not only very satisfying, it’s also good for other aspects of a senior’s life, especially for self esteem and of course, physical and emotional well being.

However as men and women continue to age, they will undergo changes in their physiological and physical well being and some of these changes will affect their sex life in their senior years. So what are the common changes when it comes to having sex as men and women get older?

For men, naturally the testosterone levels will continue to decline with age and changes in sexual function are common. These physiological changes can affect the physical and emotional well being of the person and includes changes like the following:

1. Achieving and maintaining an erection for men may need more stimulation and orgasm usually comes quicker.
2. The final ejaculation is usually less forceful for senior men and less semen may be ejected.
3. Senior men may find it harder to have a second erection after having climaxed.

As a result senior men may sometime feel rather anxious when it come to having sex. It is important for seniors to remember that such changes are natural and that they can continue to enjoy sex. Just the awareness of these changes can drastically help seniors to adapt to their changing body conditions and help them understand and maintain a fulfilling and satisfying sex life. Senior men may just need to adjust their sexual routine to include more stimulation and foreplay time and then both partners can achieve greater satisfaction.

For senior women, one of the common challenge is that it seems harder to “get in the mood”. A senior woman’s sex drive can fluctuate or even seem to disappear altogether, for a variety of reasons, including menopause, lack of exercise, weight gain, stress & fatigue and sometimes even due to hormone replacement therapy. Sometimes using natural fruits and vegetables can help to bring back the sexuality and desire for sex in women. Some of these include:

1. Agnus castus (Chaste Berry)
2. Onosmodium virginianum (False Gromwell or Wild Jacob’s Tears)
3. Ignatia Amara (St. Ignatius’ Bean)

Natural supplements may also help to increase female libido. There have been reports using such supplements in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, including good eating habits and getting enough rest and regular exercise can help to renew the vigor and make senior women feel great again.

There are also other common sex issues of seniors.The health condition of a senior can also have a big impact on his or her sex life and sexual performance. If the seniors or their partners are in poor health condition with health issues like heart disease or other recurring issues like joint pains and arthritis, then they may find having sex and intimacy a bit more challenging. They may also have to consider the need for surgeries or other medical treatments and medications, such as antihistamines, antidepressants and blood pressure medications or acid-blocking drugs. Such treatments can help to improve sexual function. The important thing is that seniors should not give up having an active sex life. Seniors and their partners should take time to discover other ways to adapt to their limitations. For example, if they are worried about having sex after a minor surgery then they should consult with the doctor about such concerns. If joint pains are an issue, then try different sexual positions or try using certain treatments before sex like using heat to alleviate joint pain before or after sexual activity. The important thing for seniors is to stay positive and look at ways to continue to be sexual and intimate so that they and their partners will have many more years of satisfying sex. Find More (18+)

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