Sex Games For Her Eyes Only – The Magic Tea

O One of the most common problems that women tell me they have with their men is that he doesn’t like foreplay. I personally don’t think that most men don’t like foreplay, but that they were never really taught how to do it properly.

Going to fix this injustice by showing him how it’s supposed to be done.

Already told him about this Sex Games series, he should know by now that you guys will be playing games together. So, ask him to run to the store for some herbal tea… and some honey.

May already have tea in the house and he’ll point it out to you. And with a sweet smile, you’ll tell him that you want some different tea today… and if he wants a sweet little surprise, he’ll do as he’s told and he’ll run to the store.

The Magic Tea

Once the tea is brewed and ready, begin your seduction by taking a nice sip of the tea and giving him a deep and intense kiss. Don’t be afraid to get messy. Explore the inside of his mouth. Run your tongue across his teeth and his lips.

The tea will slip out from the corners of your mouths and drip down both of your necks to your chests… all the way down to your naughty bits.

The trail that the tea leaves and clean up every bit of the tea that is left on your bodies.

Lightly kiss every inch of his face. Bite into his neck and his collar bone. Bite his chest. Bite his nipples. (Don’t get too carried away and bite them off, though)

Work your way down his belly. Don’t be surprised if the intensity of the situation gets his blood boiling and result in him wanting to lick every inch of your body. But if that happens, force his hands off of you and tell him to, “be a good boy and stay”.

If you feel your mouth losing its moisture, don’t be afraid to take another sip of the tea to get everything wet again.

Eventually, you’ll reach his throbbing member. So at this point, push him down so he’s sitting on the bed or a chair that’s near by. And even though he’s felt your mouth on him before, he’s never felt it so warm and wet before.

How to seduce a women

And from the first touch of your lips, he’ll twitch and groan. As you work your mouth, scratch his legs and his butt. Sink your nails into his chest. Give him sensations that he’s not likely felt before.

Sex Games

Feel him getting close to climax and before you let him do that… pull away and take another sip of the tea but don’t swallow.

As you slide him inside of you, pour the tea from your mouth into his. If he tries to touch you or grab your, throw his hands away. He can’t touch…

Aftertaste of the tea will stay in your mouths for a few hours and you will both be in a trance. Almost as if it were some kind of spell that took over you. Maybe it was the magic tea? Find more in Adult Sites.

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