Things to Be Checked Before Sex

S Sex is an activity of and for pleasure, desire and enjoyment. But one must also understand that it is neither a game to play nor an entertainment that can be used for time killing. There are lots of things that is to be stored in mind. One must take enormous precautions before sex.

The following steps are to be taken seriously before going for sex.

1) To start on lighter note, get to know what charges you before sex. Give yourself an orgasm even before sex which can help you enjoy more.

2) Get to know your partner’s sexual history. Unless and until you do this, do not commit yourself to sex. This in the end could prove to be fatal. Be very strict with the idea.

3) Get to know things about it and its effects. The best thing to do is to talk to a sex specialist. As an alternative you could talk to close friends or even relatives (whomever you are comfortable talking with) who have had sex in the past. If you do not like their ideas on a particular subject then think several times about it and then decide it yourself. Actually talking to someone close can help you getting used to what it feels, especially if you are a virgin.

4) Always use a condom that fits you. Check the expiration date and also buy a standard one. These condoms itself could contribute in infections. So be careful.

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5) Decide properly as to what your sexual purpose is. If your sex is only for pleasure then go for the condoms and other protective measures. Make sure that your partner is also aware of the idea. Ask her if she wants to be pregnant. Make sure that you want a kid at that point of time. All this could only be decided after proper communication.

Hence we see that proper understanding, knowing each other, their interests, desires and communication is the key to risk-free sex.

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